Lace Up

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Deuteronomy 29:   For forty years God has led you through the wilderness, yet your clothes haven’t become old, and your shoes haven’t worn out!  source

You know the account here, right? During the Hebrews’ wilderness journey GOD supplied all their needs and some of that supplying came by way of supernatural interventions, miracles.

I heard it today this way: GOD in His grace may keep our shoes from wearing out, but we do have to put them on and lace them up!

As  I sit before this page, I am hearing  a media stream and I’m giving thanks.  Thanks that every soul who desires to have their eyes opened, will be.  Spiritual blindness is optional and I am so grateful that ABBA is willing and able to open blinded eyes and hearts. I believe He is doing that today. Why? Because in His grace He is doing a work in me. To HIM be all the glory!

Yep. When appropriate, He does keep our shoes from wearing out but we still have to shoe up and lace up.

I like this fit!  smiley-face-3tws-signature

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