The Day After

Abba, thank You for yesterday; thank You for today; thank You for tomorrow – You are LORD of them all; what was we cannot change; what is to come we do not know and so there is today. We are so very privileged, this group of sisters; we have You as Father and we have this great country with its luxuries to live in; we have Your Word preserved and written in so many translations and so easily and readily available to us. We can carry it in our hands, read it from digital screens of every sort but I am thinking the place most needed is our hearts – that Your Word be so fresh and well-known to us that at any moment You can bring it up from our hearts and display it on the screens of our minds and it will correct us, comfort us, strengthen us, guide us and empower us to please You with our words and our actions. So I am praying for You Holy Spirit to quicken in us a holy desire to meet You on the pages of Your Word. I pray that our appetite for Your Word will exceed and leave in the dust every other appetite of this human existence that we have. 
And so there is today and we are well into this day already, even so we have yet to see all the huge and small and really good things You can yet accomplish in us and through us today – thank You. So I pray for my beautiful and fully loved sisters that each one know with a deep certainty that You are not finished in us that the best is yet to be – You are more than enough for us. We come to be filled and poured out for Your glory and in service to others – at least we are here for You to get us to the place that we are willing to be filled and poured out for You. DADDY GOD, I love You, I want to love You more – make it so, make it so for JESUS sake.