Home Keeping

Perhaps I have misunderstood and if so please forgive, but it seems right to share one of my prayers with you today.

Abba. Thank You for this huge privilege of cleaning; floors, toilets, the whole of it. Thank You that You elevate these housekeeping tasks to blessings for our families, even for You; for You because You gave us these homes and it is to Your glory that we care for them in appreciation and thanksgiving for Your abundant grace in providing them. I pray to be balanced in this caring, perfection is desirable but not practical and I know well perfection quickly becomes an idol so that we resist. We aim for clean, healthy, comfortable, modesty in decor and a welcoming atmosphere for us who live here and those that You in Your grace allow to visit in our homes. And, Abba, make us hospitable people. Huh, Abba, if I spelled that right being welcoming and operating in hospitality is a form of the word hospital. Wow, make our homes places where those, even our own can come and find healing for what ails them. Oh, Abba, that is huge. Thank You so much. Amen and amen in Jesus welcoming and holy name.