What Else?

From the Quietness of the War Room I asked what does my Tribe need today? Protection I think.
Protection from the elements.
Protection from the enemy.
Protection from their own flesh (their wants that do not speak Your glory).
What else?
Hearts and minds to love You most – before their jobs, their children, their spouses, their homes, their vehicles, their toys, their electronics (and what those devices bring to their senses), their bellies (appetites), their reputations, their every belonging (owned or financed).
What else?
A love that makes them hungry and thirsty for Your Word and Your Company.

Exodus 20: TLV “Have no gods other than Me. source

So what makes a god?
What makes an idol?   
An image used as an object of worship. A false god. One that is adored, often blindly or excessively. 

So anything I love more, adore more than GOD becomes my idol.

Certainly I must pray no idols for me, no idols for my Tribe. Help us Adonai to tear down and forsake all our idols, however close or far they may be.
Let me introduce you now to a man from whom we can learn. 
This particular video requires laying down the idol of time for an hour and 23 minutes.  For some it will be worth every sacrificed second. 

If the Church does not Rise ~ ~ ~ 

After catching a brief round of media I’m not so sure the word Tribe is a great word choice. Please know my usage has NO leanings toward the liberal leftist ideology.