Abba, I am confident and certain that You love the people of Houston and all in Texas; I am specifically coming on behalf of those affected by the storm. Thank You for the lives You have already saved. For the homes and belongings You have spared and for those not, I pray they will believe You for better than they lost. People who say they know have said it will take years for Houston to recover. I pray You will bring a full recovery sooner than expected and more than they can imagine. You know I am especially thinking of Beth and her family. I pray she will get safely home to them soon. Comfort and woo the people to Yourself by Your kindness and with the kindness of Your people taught and led by You, Holy Spirit. Help us help them in Jesus name. 


Petition for Squelching

I read a statement; I do not know the Author, nor can I quote verbatim.
In paraphrase, the jest is this: So how senseless is it to let this present conflict escalate into another Civil War fighting about the last one? The one that ended 152 years ago! Will another one undo the last one? Make it un-happen? Erase it? Change it? 

Abba, this is an unholy scrimmage and I am asking you to squelch it before it goes nationwide. Thank You for every sweet fellowship we enjoy and our encounters with people in our world whose skin colors vary but Your Spirit within us is always the same. I remember her. So do You. We never saw her before in our lives but right there in the isle of Wal-Mart we parted with hugs. You did that! I am so grateful! Cause it to happen all over this nation, please. If people will cooperate with You it will happen. Holy Spirit do what only You can do for the glory of the name of Jesus and the good of we the people.  I pray for peace in America.