I have some buzz to share.  It found its way to me today, unexpectedly, I might add! There are more than a few writing about it so I’m not going to belabor it by writing my own lengthy post; but I am asking you to familiarize yourself with the message, the pros and the cons.  You could spend substantial time reading post after post; herein I am offering you a few. Particularly though I’m asking you to consider praying. 


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So what is the buzz? Screens! And the hours our children and grandchildren spend zoned in on them.

Isn’t it ironic that I am using one of subject screen medias to get this message to you? Obviously, getting rid of all screens is not the solution but after reading the above I think you will agree there is a threat to address.

Truthfully, I am relieved that I do not have children young enough that GOD expects me to steward them in this regard. However, I do have grandchildren. Yet, even if I did not, should not the love of GOD move me to look after, at least in prayer, my neighbors’ young ones? 

Fresh Air
Face to face fun
Face to book reading
Hand to paper creating and
Parental face to child face loving attention
Screens do not deliver on these but they do deter. 

Abba, thank You for alerting me. I don’t know what You want me to do, I don’t even know what I am capable of doing in this but this I know I must pray. I must have Your voice here. I want Your help even within my own family. I see it. I see what is happening and I am worried. I am asking You to intervene and help us. I pray parents will cooperate with You so You do not have to get drastic with all of us. Holy Spirit, would You be of a mind to raise up enough Prayer Warriors to move the hearts and wills of parents and grandparents to rescue our children and save this and the next generation for JESUS sake? I pray You will let me be one of those. I pray to see You do this divine intervention. Amen and Amen.



I am here to give you an excerpt and then send you over to For Every Mom dot-com.  She has well written a piece that is so close to my heart; one that I’d like to preach on the housetop but for now I’m just sharing here. 

“Raising An Esther in A Miley Cyrus World?

It sounds almost impossible.

But, moms, hear me.  It is so important that we try.

Here’s why…..

She was beautiful.

Her long, blonde hair was pulled into a perfect messy bun on top of her head. Her skin was golden, evidence of lazy days spent poolside, being kissed by the sun.  She was thin but fit, maybe a gymnast or dancer.  Her string bikini was white and left little to the imagination. Hips swaying, chest pushed out, she walked with  a confidence that demanded to be noticed.  My kids were playing in the kiddie pool in front of me but I glanced away from them to catch one more look at her as she passed.  And I felt a sudden heavy sadness.


Because she was maybe 12.”

Please don’t read to this point and stop; Click HERE to finish the article. 


Safe Believing

Reading Time: 1 minute, 13 seconds.

Notes on Psalm 19. And I do mean notes. Raw. Rough. Straight from the scratch page. 

V 1 It’s just a fact! It is written here for us. We are safe believing it.

Study the night sky and we will learn. We will get to know something of God if we are willing.

He has pitched a tent for the sun. The sun has a place. It knows its place. It holds its place. It rejoices to run its course. It follows its path – the path the Creator laid out for it. It does what God ordained for it to do.  What if we did?

The Law. The Torah. The Word of God is perfect. It will restore our souls. We are safe believing it.

There is a promise attached to God’s precepts. We obey them and we will have joy of heart. It’s a given. We are safe believing it.

Cleanse me of hidden faults the Psalmist penned.  I am safe believing that – I have sins I don’t even know about yet. But I want to know so I can repent.

Verse 15! May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable before You, Adonai, my Rock and my Redeemer. It’s personal and I’m safe believing it!

Click HERE to read Psalm 19.  (Reading time 1 minute and 38 seconds).


Two Words

(Reading time: 2 minutes)

I have a word for us; actually, two words. We have surely heard this phrase a time or two. Perhaps we have said it to a younger brother or sister; perhaps we were the undesirable younger one. 

Get lost. 

Not such comforting words. Yet today when I heard the song I will share with you in a moment these two words took on precious. 

I am convinced a world of people are lost but they don’t know they are lost. I remember the day I owned my lost-ness. It was the greatest day of my life! So I want some people to get lost! Will you pray along with me that the Holy Spirit of GOD will convict and convince folks of their lost-ness? Will you pray with me that people will be willing to be lost so they can be found? Will you pray with me that those of us who have been found will give the right directions with our words and our deeds to help others get found?

Get lost. The perfect place. The only place. To be found by the ONE who is worthy of finding us. The ONE who can bring us home. Home to forgiveness, home to peace with the Creator of this universe. 

And for those of us who have been found for a while now; let us take heed, lest we get caught ‘wandering’ around the same ole mountain for 40 years. 

1 Corinthians 10:12  (TLV) 12 Therefore let the one who thinks that he stands watch out that he doesn’t fall.  source

1 Corinthians 8:9  (KJV) But take heed lest by any means this liberty of yours become a stumblingblock to them that are weak. source 

For many more take heed, click HERE.

Now for the song. Please closely heed the words.

A glorious Monday, my Friends,  Kathie