If you all knew on our wedding day my husband to be then left his suit pants hanging separate from his jacket (not inside as is his custom) on the door frame of his bedroom instead of bringing them to the church, you would think today’s story is nearly as funny as we do.

So. Today hubby picked up his suit to take it with him and he checked for his pants inside – they were there; we both grinned. We exchanged our ‘see you in a little whiles’ and I followed him out the door. He went right and I went left to check the tomato bushes. It was a short check – good thing. As I turned toward the back door I saw. Yes! pants on the ground! With a giggle already bubbling I scooped them up waving them over my head racing for the front yard.  As I reached his car, I said, “you are just set on losing your pants, aren’t you?” His smile is priceless!

Folks, embrace the laughter! Relish together the moments as they come to you and then cherish the memories! It makes life GOOD.