Leah’s Tasting Grace

Okay Y’all I am flat-out (with no prompting) promoting my blog friend, Leah Adams’ latest Bible Study, Tasting Grace., co-authored with Jan Morton14729119_10209252417565955_2336482236161661738_nI was actually later getting my copy of the study than I intended – it was worth the wait!

Leah and I have not actually met face-to-face but the kinship is real. This is her third published Bible Study. Her first was Creating a Godly Legacy. I was privileged to write an official endorsement for the study – a so-needed study for me! Leah’s second study, HeBrews: A Better Blend. I loved it! Closing the last page was like saying goodbye to a good friend; but like good friends, memories of good times remain.

And now this one: Tasting Grace. I am only on Day 2 but I am hooked!  And I haven’t even tried the recipes yet! One of my favorite parts is the What’s Cooking section; the place with Leah’s prompting you get to put to paper what the Father has spoken to you in the session – like sums it all up for you. What we have here is an interactive study. Leah starts the conversation, brings you to places in Scripture, gives questions to cause you to think about what you are reading, and then leads you right to the Holy Spirit’s classroom.  I love it! Thanks, Leah!

So if you happen to be needing a good study, one that only takes about 15 minutes a day, and one that gives you RECIPES too, you need Tasting Grace!

Here’s a link to get yourself a copy! Click HERE.

Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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