The 6th month on the Hebrew calendar roughly corresponds with our month of September – it varies from year to year.

26 Then in the sixth month, the angel Gabriel was sent by Adonai into a town in the Galilee named Natzeret 27 and to a virgin engaged to a man named Joseph, of the house of David. The virgin’s name was Miriam.  source Luke 1 TLV 

Verse 26 and 27 – The Angel Gabriel was sent by GOD to a town in Galilee, a specific town, not just any town in Galilee but the town of Natzeret. Why? Because in that specific town was a young women of child-bearing age but not yet married, a virgin.

Now let’s let this give us some deep spiritual pleasure. GOD sent. GOD directed the Angel – which means GOD is active and GOD is in charge. Moreover, HE sent the Angel to a specific place because HE knew exactly where the young woman was. In any given moment GOD knows EXACTLY where YOU ARE. GOD knew this young woman personally! HE knew her habits, He knew her goings and comings. Let that settle in on you like you’ve never heard it before. Let the HOLY SPIRIT breathe something holy into your being that will hold you and love you.

OF THE HOUSE OF DAVID. That is SO important. You see GOD follows the rules. GOD does what HE says HE will do. The House of David. GOD made sure the lineage was exact. GOD made sure the bloodline was just as it was spoken by the Prophets of the Old Testament.

This should give us holy awe and gratitude that GOD is GOD. HE is faithful. HE is exact. HE is sure. HE does what HE does ON PURPOSE because His purpose is to save US! Save us from sin, from ourselves, from hell. Just flat-out SAVE us!

The virgin’s name was Miriam (we call her Mary) but GOD called her!

Where else the rest of this reading will go I do not know but just this far wraps me in LOVE and I wanted to share.  

Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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