Words and Doings

Slander and Profanity see Mark 7

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Slander and Profanity.
O! this is rampant!

Slander. Again, both a noun and a verb. Something we do and something done unto us.

The short version is this: A false tale or report maliciously uttered. For the full definition, you may click HERE I hope you will and then you can turn on just about any media source and you will receive live demonstrations in abundance. 

Profanity. 1828 Webster. Well, Noah had no concept of what we hear spoken today. For the word Profanity he gave little definition; so, I checked the word profane. It was lengthy. This is number One:

Irreverent to any thing sacred; applied to persons. A man is profane when he takes the name of God in vain, or treats sacred things with abuse and irreverence.

For the remainder, please visit the site.

Profanity is more than just the words people say; it’s souls without a holy reverence for THE MESSIAH. The Passover Lamb. The Creator. The One and Only True GOD of the Universe. 

 A wise gentlemen told me long ago, “there are no dirty words but, there is filthy communication”. I think he’d need to find a stronger word than filthy to adequately describe the now we live in. Perhaps, he would say there are no dirty words, but there is profane communication. 

We are nearing the end of this series and frankly I’m eager to be done with it. It has not been pleasant to write; likely, unpleasant to read; so lets not chance the outcome of living any of it!

Whatcha say? What are we communicating to one another with our words and our doings?

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