Unrestrained Conduct  see Mark 7

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Unrestrained Conduct

I opined in my first post of this series Unrestrained Conduct is so broad, like it could be anything.  Anything that we plunge ahead to do even though we know it is not wise, not healthy, nor kind, not good, or loving or . . .  .   See? I. Mean. Anything.

In the King James our subject word would be lasciviousness (filthy, wantonness). Definitely, not conduct we would associate with a Christian.  The transliterated Greek word is aselgeia — and no I cannot pronounce it. 🙂  Aselgeia is further defined by our English words to be:Unbridled lust. Outrageousness. Shamelessness. Insolence. I’ve seen this behavior paraded on the nightly news; some even insisting themselves to be Christians. 

We cannot police the world, nor are we expected to do so. We can and we must offer the Truth in love when a door of communication is opened for us by The Holy Spirit. Alas, can we expect The Holy Spirit to give us those privileged and glorious opportunities if we ourselves parade unrestrained conduct? 

2 Timothy 2: 21 So if anyone washes filth off themselves, they will be set apart as a “special bowl.” They will be useful to the owner of the mansion for every sort of good work. 22 Run away from adolescent cravings. Instead, pursue righteousness, faith, love, and peace together with those who confess the Lord with a clean heartsource

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