Fig Leaves

How are you? We answer it with varied responses.
I’m good. I’m tired. I’m busy. I’m _____________ fill in the blank.

Do you know the first question GOD asked mankind?
Do you know HE asked other questions? Have you answered them?  Do you know what they are? Would you like to know?

Genesis 3: Then Adonai Elohim called to the man and He said to him, “Where are you?” source

Where are you? A most important question. Do you know where you are? Do I know where I am?
Well, Adam and Eve where in the Garden when THE LORD GOD asked. He knew. But did they? Where is more than a geographical location. How many of you know you can be here, present, but far, far away?

So where are you? Where are you with GOD? Where you are with Him determines where you are with me and all others in your world.

So where are you? Adam and Eve were naked – so GOD clothed them.  And they RECEIVED the coverings He offered. He is still offering. Who is receiving?

Genesis 3: 21 Adonai Elohim made Adam and his wife tunics of skin and He clothed them. source

In order for Adam and Eve to receive GOD’s Covering for them they had to come out from hiding — this has not changed.  Many in our world are hiding from GOD under fig leaves of their own making – are you one of them?

Genesis 3 .  It’s all there. Click and read.

Oh, the other questions GOD has asked? 
To Be Continued . . .