Who Told You That?

Next Question.

 May the 11th I posted Fig Leaves proffering the question, Where are you?.

Today it’s Who Told You That.
You can find this question and many others in Beth Moore’s study book The Quest. I recommend it!

A note found in my copy of said study book is I can find my way if I answer GOD’s questions regarding any given situation.

Where are you?
Who told you that?
What are you seeking?
Why are you afraid?
How much more?

Who told you that?

Genesis 3:11  (TLV) 11 Then He said, “Who told you that you are naked? Have you eaten from the Tree from which I commanded you not to eat?” source

Try it. On any given belief or value.
Who told you abortion was not death to a womb baby?
Who told you she meant this when she said that? 
Who told you he always does this to me?
Who told you you never do anything right?
Who told you it won’t hurt just this once? But it did.

The source of the telling matters.
Consider the Source.

And how many sources are there at the root of any given issue, question or belief?
Two. Three at the most.
GOD. Satan. Human  (Ephesians 6:12; I John 4:1, 2)

And how many of these sources can you safely trust?