Here we Go!

Here we are dear Ones. 
December 1.
The world has officially kicked off the countdown to December 25. 
There will be parties, rivalry, and debauchery, and on a lighter side — hot chocolate, trees, candy canes, tons of movies, and gifts galore – this is what the world calls Christmas.

I think the only reason it has not been renamed already is it would reduce the circulation of currency – Christians would balk.

We have to keep CHRIST in Christmas.

If we only knew!

I am not Jewish  – Orthodox or Messianic but I have a Menorah and enough candles for 8 days of honoring Yeshua Ha’Mashiach.

You see JESUS was not born on December 25 – just about everyone knows that. Just about everyone knows He likely came forth to His mother’s arms around the time of Sukkot – September/October-ish.
And if that is the case (and I think it is) the time of Hanukkah would have been the time GOD incarnate moved into the womb of Mary – to grow and in 9 months come forth in the Town of Bethlehem – House of Bread.

Oh, there is so much! So much wonder! So much glory to be seen and believed.
So many reasons to worship and rejoice that The SEED of the woman came to us. (See Genesis 3:15)
HE is The LIGHT of the World. A world in complete darkness.
There are not enough LEDs on the planet to light our way to  HIM.

I hope you will read this research, click HERE– if you do, you just might get a glimpse of why I am so good with not celebrating the global event called Christmas.

Love, Kathieimg_6984

Remember Lot’s Wife

I and likely thousand upon thousands were admonished by the sermon to Remember Lot’s Wife.

It was a good and valid sermon as far as it went. I am mindful now as I think of it it is like a surgeon with a scalpel – a cutting tool. Do we not know unless the surgeon cuts deep enough and wide enough diseased tissue will not be eradicated, and it will be left to  invade and infect connecting healthy tissue?

32Remember Lot’s wife.

You can find the verse at Luke 17:32.

It’s written in red — JESUS spoke it with His GODMAN lips when He walked on this earth. 
To whom did He say it?
We would have to read the chapter to answer that.  I am providing you a LINK for immediate reading. And I hope you will read it. Verse one will answer the question. 

1 Now He said to His disciples, “It is inevitable that stumbling blocks come, but woe to one through whom they come!  source

To whom is He still saying it? 
Isn’t it safe to say He is still speaking to us, His Disciples of today?

Remember Lot’s wife
What did Lot’s wife do? I hope you will read Genesis 19 for the answer. 

It’s been said she got stuck. I get that but let’s cut deeper.
Why did she get stuck?
Was it her house in the city? Was it her new king-size comforter? Was it her prominent lifestyle?  Was it friends? Was it her lovely garden? A new chariot and that beautiful stallion in the stall?  
We cannot say for certain and perhaps that is good because now it’s open for us to identify with her, learn from her sin and not sin in that way ourselves. 
So just why did she die with the same sulfur that killed the people in Sodom?

Allow me to give you an answer to ponder.word of GOD

Because she disobeyed GOD!
Getting stuck my Friends in whatever state it may be (bitterness, unforgiveness, addictions, resentments, etc.) is a consequence of SIN.
Why are we so afraid to use the words sin and disobedience in Christiandom today? 
Why do we use softer words like stuck?  Why do we not wield the Word of GOD like a skilled surgeon uses a scalpel?  
People do not need band-aids. They need transformation — to become a new creation. (see 2 Corinthians 5:17)

Remember Lot’s Wife.
Lot’s wife died Y’all. She died because she refused to obey GOD.

How many things in our lives do we love more than we love obeying GOD?
Remember Lot’s Wife. Luke 17:32. 

Love, Kathie 




Aren’t they amazing?
I mean what they do for the face — beautiful accents! 

Within the whole of humanity, there are only two models:  male and female.  (Genesis 5:2)
And somehow all the males are alike and each is unique.
It is the same with the females, all females are alike, and yet each is unique; go figure — only GOD could do that, don’t you think?

Back to eyebrows. 
We have them. Some more, some less. I know about less. I used to have more. And when I can draw some back in, oh my I feel so much better.
Eyebrows and the rest of the human body! Amazing.
Father GOD, is awesome!

His design was flawless. 
And even when deadly sin invaded, the body still functions — not flawlessly but well enough that we would do well to be in AWE of the GOD who created us. 

Yes, eyebrows brought on all this musing.

May I urge you to do some research?
Science, true Science, if you study it will increase your Awe and trust in our Holy, Perfect Creator. 

Why Do We Have Eyebrows?

Times How Much?

Genesis 7

Verse 1 Then the Lord said to Noah, “Enter the ark, you and all your household, for you alone I have seen to be righteous before Me in this generation. source

So what does it take to be seen righteous before the LORD?

Of ALL the people on the earth at the time of this event, ONLY Noah and his household was seen to be righteous before The LORD. 
Not a single other soul. 
What was life like on the planet? 
The corruption, the evilness must have been like America multiplied and intensified times; times how much??  
I don’t even know times how much! 

The Scripture says Then the Lord saw that the wickedness of mankind was great on the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of their hearts was only evil continually.” Genesis 6:5 

From the fruit the media reports it seems to me there are humans living today to whom verse 5 applies. 
Let it not be any of us! 

Back to the question. 
What does it take to be seen righteous before The LORD?

Well, if we go back to Genesis 6 again we will read:  ” But Noah found favor in the eyes of the LordThese are the records of the generations of Noah. Noah was a righteous man, blameless in his generation. Noah walked with God.”  source 

What does it mean to walk with GOD
Perhaps you will agree it is to live in agreement with GOD; to say what GOD says about sin, life, and death. 

And what does GOD say about sin, life, and death? 
And how has HE spoken to us? 
HE has spoken to us by, through, and in His SON. Hebrews 1:2
Perhaps you will read all of Hebrews 1 for a fuller understanding. 

I’ve heard it preached that the People of the Old Testament looked forward to the cross of JESUS with saving faith and we of the New Testament look back to the cross of JESUS with saving faith. 

Do you get the picture? 

It’s obedience to what GOD reveals to us.
And how has He revealed Himself? Through His Son, JESUS CHRIST.

Noah did that. GOD told him to build an ark on dry land — he did it! 

Noah did what he heard GOD say even though what GOD said looked to be the most stupid thing a person could do on planet earth. 
That ‘stupid’ act of obedience preserved the earthly lives of Noah, his wife, his sons, his sons’ wives, animals, birds, cattle, and . . . . 

Would we be here if Noah had failed to obey GOD?

Obedience to GOD is the most important of all things, wouldn’t you agree? 

We will not fully know until our day of accounting just what our faithful obedience to the Father has done — but of this I am confident: IT WILL BE GOOD!
And we will be glad we obeyed! Every single time!