Super Bowl 54 Half-Time Show

First, I saw neither the pole dancing or the crotch-grabbing. I am grateful I missed it.

Albeit, I have been reading varied comments related thereto.

Considering that members of my family either have a degree in dance and/or have invested years taking dance classes; perhaps I can bring an added thought to the conversation table.

The disciple, skill and long workdays that went into the subject half-time show I cannot honestly overlook. However, from the descriptions, I have been given it was a total and completely wasted effort as to redemption, integrity, and wholesomeness.

Inappropriate nudity and perverted sexual expression look good on NO ONE. And I do mean NO ONE. The attractiveness of the human body being displayed is without relevance. There is no good thing to be gained from such behavior. Either male or female. The human body is an exquisite masterpiece and it deserves to be respected, treated with honor and dignity; presenting it publically like a piece of meat in a grocery store display case is reprehensible to the Creator Who designed it and should be to each of us living in each such masterpiece.

So, ladies (and yes gentlemen) stop peddling yourselves to the highest bidder. GOD designed you for better. And if you will stop long enough to ask Him (and wait for His Answers), He will enlighten you.

Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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