Hunger Pains

Depending on how accurate is WordPress with its accounting, the White Stone Blog post from June 2012 linked below is the last one listed as to the number of views since 2012.
Yes, I have been reviewing posts on the blog today; I have written a few over the years.
Some of them light, perhaps even a couple of them were frivolous, and others hard-hitting.
However, each and every one was written hoping to connect with the Reader and to point them to JESUS and HIS  WORD.

May I ask you my Brothers and Sisters in CHRIST who are also my Friends on FB, do you have people in your circle with whom you want to share The Word of GOD?
If we are Believers who say we believe The Last Days are fast approaching or perhaps already here, how important is it to us to know our family and friends are right with GOD?
I want to help.
When you read certain posts at The White Stone Blog and people come to your mind, please consider sharing the post with them. None of us know how much time we have left to prepare for what has been recorded in Scripture, that shall surely come to be.

Should not there be an urgency in us to connect people with Scripture?
Shouldn’t we, the Born-Again, have gnawing hunger pains, yearning to be NOURISHED by Scripture and cravings to NOURISH others from The Bible?
And if we don’t, isn’t it time to learn why we don’t?

There was a time I wanted this blog to be well-known — I don’t care about that anymore but I do want to connect as many people with Scripture as I can while I am here.  I am well content with being invisible as long as JESUS is lifted up.
And if you have that same desire, and if you find something here at The White Stone that strikes a chord — please share it with others.
Facebook, Email, whatever means you have to share The Full Gospel of JESUS, do it!

The 2012 post: SLA

Love and thanks, Kathie 

Used to be Sins

Since I could not, not write it, I might as well publish it.

Jesus didn’t come because we are just messed up.

He didn’t come because we make mistakes.

He did not have to be born into the limitations of time and the human body because we make mistakes – uh oh I bought a red sweater when the memo said to get a blue one. That’s a mistake!

He came because we are sinners, not just messed up people who make mistakes. And when we do turn from our sins TO HIM we are then transformed from sinner to Saint and we spend the rest of our time on this earth learning to live Saintly.

No more excuses oh I’m just a sinner, GOD understands I can’t help it.

That’s a lie from hell!

If we are born again, Holy Spirit lives within us.


Are we going to say He in us can’t stop this continual practice of the same old sin over and over and over again?

Are we going to say He can’t deliver us from this perpetual state described as messed up?

Because if we are we better check and see if we actually KNOW The GOD of The BIBLE.

We better make sure we are not preaching on behalf of and serving the god of this world.

It is no honor to GOD when we continue to confess year after year that we are messed up. No!

Preach that without repentance and conversion people are hell-deserving sinners and everyone that dies without turning from sin to GOD will burn in hell. No exceptions.

BUT UPON CONVERSION, when we are indwelt by Holy Spirit we learn to practice less and less sin.

We become victorious over sin day after day.

Anything less fails to give GOD the glory He deserves.

Here’s the truth, some sins I don’t struggle with – they are not even on my radar anymore. Holy Spirit has delivered me from them. I don’t practice them. Am I saying I am victorious over every sin?


But I am making progress in my walk with HIM.

I won’t fully make it here (sinless) but that is no excuse to just give up and give in to temptations.

No. No. No.


If you cannot say you are making progress and there are ‘used to be sins’ that you just don’t practice anymore, then I am begging you to check to see if you really have a Damascus Road experience with JESUS. Find out if you are truly indwelt by Holy Spirit. See Acts 9. Isaiah 30:15

Ask GOD to let you know if you really have turned from your sins to HIM and read your Bible and continue to pray until He answers you from the pages of your Bible.

Love and good night, Kathie

A Rose

I’m just here to share a beautiful rose with you.  It’s not from my yard but that didn’t hinder me from capturing this picture.
No, I was not trespassing. 🙂

I am reminded of the Rose of Sharon. 
Are you? img_6512

Something interesting — make what you shall of it. 
I keyed into a URL window Rose of Sharon Bible

Here’s a link to what I found.  The webpage is entitled: The Rose of Sharon

I really am interested in what are your thoughts as you review the webpage.

LORD willing see you tomorrow —   Love, Kathie 

On Purpose

It told a story. A story of a boy and girl gone sour.
A story of drowning sorrow and chasing blues. 

I still hear it — I don’t want to hear it but it comes uninvited. 

Songs matter. 
Lyrics matter.
Music matters.

The words live on after the song is played. 
So be careful what the lyrics say. 

Do the lyrics give you hope? 
Do they encourage you to live healthily, and wholesomely? 
Do they let you know there is GOD; that He cares and He will help you? 

Then why listen  — on purpose? 


I am wondering this morning. It started as I glanced over some words reporting more evil parading as good as set forth by elected officials.

We can barely keep our heads above the ocean of evil to gasp for a breath of clean living.
What do we do?
Do we talk about it?
Do we complain?
Do we rage about it?

The LORD’s Prayer as it is so named; actually is a model for us, and gave me an avenue to explore.
In the prayer, The LORD YESHUA instructed us to pray, to ask The Father to DELIVER US FROM EVIL.

My point?

As we read, as we hear, as we daily see people-sanctioned evil paraded as good, I wonder what would happen if the people of GOD, seriously and consistently, unceasingly cried out to HIM, deliver us from this ocean of evil?

Deliver us from this evil!

What would that walk out like?
How would we do with that? 
What would we expect HIM to do with such cries?

I wonder.
How would He deliver us from evil?
Would He just right now come and get us?
Can I get an amen on that?

Would it mean that He would do such a work in us individually that we would cease to marvel at the evil and instead resist it?
How would we resist it?
Protest? March? Carry signs?
I think that would not work.

What if we carried THE GOSPEL of DELIVERANCE to the ENSLAVED?
How would we do that?
Perhaps Scripture can best answer that.  James 4:7-10

I wonder.

Are you wondering too now?

I hope so.

Love, Kathie