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Protecting One’s Domain

Do I have a treat for you today? My beloved has written a Word for us. I think you will like it.

This morning as I was reading my daily devotion, a thought came to me which of all things came from my friendly four-footed creature, better known as my dog, Sara.

The devotion I read this morning was about the pet of the writer, (a dog) which was chewing up a particular pillow on the couch. She would come home

for a number of days and find the pillow chewed apart and cotton all over the house. She would pick up the loose cotton put it back in its covering and sew it up.

This went on for several days and she realized that her sweet pet was going back to the same pillow and figuring out where the weak spot in the pillow

was and proceeded to rip it apart day after day. Enough is enough. Throw the old pillow away, buy a new one. Did it and the problem solved.

Now how does this relate to my dog? You see my Sara does not like foreign creatures in her domain. ie. possums, armadillos turtles, squirrels, and even snakes inside her living quarters.

The way she handles these creatures is to put them to sleep permanently or bark enough until I come outside and chase them away or move them to an area where they will not be a temptation to her anymore.

If only we as individuals would take a lesson from the devotion I read or my Sara to remove those things in our life that is a temptation to us. 

It is just as easy as getting rid of that old item in our life we keep going back to and keep chewing on, or do not let new sins creep into our domain.

Let us take that simple step, throw that old pillow away, and enjoy the comfort of that new pillow, (life) that has been purchased for us.

Next, if a new temptation tries to sneak into our domain (life), put it to sleep or keep barking, (praying) until you get help to put that out of your domain.

It is a simple thing, and He has told us that there is nothing too big or too small that He can’t take care of for us.

Thanks, Sara for the lesson today.


Attention, Please

It is important to me to make this information available to you.
Especially since venues of social media are censoring it.

Please visit and read at the webpage I am offering you. You will find a video (the video that is being censored) there as well as an article to read.

Health Impact News

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

July 28, 2020

America’s Frontline Doctors stormed into Washington D.C. today to host their first annual White Coat Summit on Capitol Hill to combat the misinformation and propaganda on COVID being fed to the American people through the corporate media, while successful treatments against COVID are being censored by Big Tech.

They held a brief press conference first that was sparsely attended, and where impassioned doctors, all of whom deal directly with COVID patients, claimed that the American people were being deceived, and that “nobody needs to die” from COVID, because all them are successfully treating COVID patients with effective cures that are being censored for political reasons.

Please continue on with this HERE

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