Question. Have you read Romans 1:21-32 lately?

In verse 24, we dare not miss the word, Therefore.  I suppose, you like I, have heard it said when you see a therefore in Scripture, we must ask ourselves what it’s there for. So I do and I did.

Verses 21, 22 and 23 speak of idols; for humans to engage in idol worship something must first occur. Verse 21 tells us what that is.  THEY DID NOT HONOR HIM AS GOD OR GIVE THANKS. ON THE CONTRARY, THEY BECAME WORTHLESS IN THEIR THINKING.

When mankind begins and continues to think they know more than GOD, refuse to honor Him with their day to day living, they become idol worshippers. Is that not what it says?

And as man (and woman too, of course) becomes more and more involved in this worship of creatures rather than the Creator something else happens.

Verse 24.


God gave them over. We can push GOD away so many times that He turns us over to our own way.

Go ahead, read the Text. And when you do you will find GOD is not politically correct, He’s just correct; forever and always correct. Once man and woman have pushed Thus Saith the LORD from their minds, hearts, and will time after time, look what follows.  Every imaginable sin is committed and flaunted by these people. Sexual perversion is not the only sin listed but it is listed. Read. Read the Text for yourself. Click HERE.

Now. Therefore. What actions do we need to take today?

Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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