Monthly Archives: May 2020

Looking for Rain

Abba, I am grateful that You know and have invited me to come and talk. The seas we are compelled to navigate these days are treacherous and I cannot do it without You. I am grateful for the wisdom You have given me and I desire to use it to help others and I am certain that I need much more and I ask You to grant me more as You see fit. I am troubled this morning. I am troubled for babies, toddlers and children in particular. There is a war for their souls; and parents, more often than not, are nonchalant about it or blind altogether; please help. Please rescue the parents and the children. The war in particular that is burdening me today is sexual and the all out yet subtle attack of the world to enslave children and adults in homosexual and heterosexual sin in the name of ‘love’. I am sorry, Abba. Please forgive us and have mercy on us. Please send revival and an outpouring of conviction and repentance on us. Please open blinded eyes and deceived hearts for Your glory and our redemption I pray.