Intercession – 4th of July

Father GOD, July 4th and so a people are trying to celebrate; honestly, I am not well pleased with many of the people of earthly influence and the tyrannical way they have exalted themselves above others. We have a history of that, don’t we? Unregenerate man is like that, we have been since Adam and Eve sinned. Thank You forever for Your Salvation given in grace in Yeshua.

Our need for forgiveness and salvation is too huge even to describe. We are a depraved people and that You would have mercy on us is beyond my comprehension. Today. Today we celebrate the birth of a nation. A nation today with whom those within have set themselves to destroy. I remember what You did at babel when humans set themselves. I’d so like for You to do something to disbanded these people who have organized themselves to destroy what came together 244 years ago. We are so young to die.

A proper study of our history reveals grievous sins and it also reveals that more Gospel Missionaries, more Bibles, more congregations of Yeshua worshippers have come to be in America than any other place in the world, probably combined. Your Gospel is the reason America is. But that message is being drowned out now by people who by the evidence of their actions hate You. They want no part of You and they want all others to hate You too. This is grievous to me. I can only imagine what it is to You.

Abba, please have mercy. I acknowledge that we do not deserve it but as Abraham appealed to You for Sodom, I appeal to You for America. Please please save us from within; infiltrate those who hate You and hate America and disband this plot to destroy America. Raise up a People within us who will love You and gratefully embrace and live Your Way as given to us in Your Scripture. I pray for a Band of People who will pray without ceasing and who will live lives that evidence their praying; may I please be a member of this Band? Please don’t let unsaved people destroy this Republic. For JESUS name sake save America, by saving the People of America and the world. As You shut the mouths of the lions, would you please shut the mouths of the haters and open the mouths of all who love You?  And all GOD’s people said . . .

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