Any Takers?

This is an excerpt from Heidi St. John‘s podcast today.

“If your church isn’t open or if they’re making everybody wear masks at church because y’all is afraid of getting shut down and you’re afraid of being shamed. Can I just encourage you right now? The mask is hiding more than you have thought it is. And they are literally starting to arrest people. There are quarantine centers set up here in Washington state. Don’t believe me? Google it. This is serious. So I’m going to ask you guys to fast with us. The reason that we fast, in the Bible fasting was a way for us to come before the Lord in almost a sackcloth and ashes in a very, very sober heart. And God’s going to ask you guys to give something up. That’s what a fast is for. And most people, traditionally people think, “Oh, I’m not going to eat. I’m going to eat very light for the next seven days.” Some of you God’s going to ask you to give up social media, some of you He’s going to ask you to give up … I don’t know, whatever it is. The Lord will tell you what he wants you to give it up. And then when you want to do that thing, whether it’s get on the internet or have that glass of wine with your dinner or whatever it is, that should serve as a reminder to you that rather than doing that thing you give it up and you come before the Lord and you use that reminder to say, “Father, forgive us. We have sinned against you. We need your help. We need your wisdom. We need your healing in our world and we need it right now. We need it right now.” God can do it you guys.” Join us in fasting and prayer for our nation July 10-17, 2020.

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Humor me a moment, please. Arresting people for not wearing a mask. That’s what she said.
They tell us a mask is a must because one who is asymptomatic MIGHT infect another person with a virus that has a 99.5% survival rate and one that doctors have said is not transmitted unless droplets land on your eyes (which by the way a mask does not cover), nose or mouth and that this transfer of droplets needs about 15 minutes of exposure in an enclosed, not well-ventilated environment to transfer enough droplets to give one the virus.  Even so, if you do not wear a mask YOU ARE A CRIMINAL! ARRESTED, people. Arrested!
Yet we have criminals who have MURDERED people roaming our streets without arrest. We are a sick people. WE NEED TO PRAY!


Let us pray.
Father GOD, thank You for the years of freedom and growing prosperity we the people of the United States of America have experienced. For a long, while now we have squandered much of both and still You have been gracious. We are seeing now what our sins have earned us and we now plead for grace and space to repent. Forgive us LORD and save us I pray. Not only have we Your children sinned and brought this disgrace upon us but now has arisen evil organizations powered and populated by people who hate You and Your Gospel and have vowed to destroy the people who love You and in order to do that even people who do not Know You are being killed and destroyed. I am asking You, Abba, to stop these organizations, to stop the people funding them and driving this evil. I am asking You to save us; have mercy on us and do not take Your Hand from us. Please pour out Your Spirit and bring revival and repentance to Your Church and salvation to the lost. Please stop these organizations birthed in hell by Your enemy and instead birth in us a holy reverence for You and Your Word I pray. Papa, I am scared for my people, they are lost and undone, they are following after evil with blinded eyes; please forgive them and awaken them to LIFE. Please, LORD, forgive them, they do not know what they are doing.
And GOD’s people say amen.