If I Had A Platform

To reach the LEFT who is screaming and ridiculing that Conservatives should accept the put forth outcome and unite for the good of the country I would have a few questions. 

Why did you not unite four years ago? 
Why did you drag US through the Russia Hoax?
The Mueller Investigation?
The Impeachment?
Why did You fight US every step these 4 years?
Why did YOU not accept the outcome of 2016?
Why do YOU demand that WE do what YOU would not do

It is for the GOOD of the Country that WE continue to push forward seeking the truth – TRUTH IS GOOD OF THE COUNTRY.

John 8:32  (AMP) 32 And you will know the truth [regarding salvation], and the truth will set you free [from the penalty of sin].”  source

2 thoughts on “If I Had A Platform

  1. We do not have a platform because the media is all D! They only report and show what benefits them. They never showed the looting, rioting and burning done in Seattle and Wisconsin — only FOX did and liberal D’s don’t watch FOX. They are so brainwashed and ignorant of the truth! Sent from my iPhone


    • So true. Recently, JT and I parted ways with FOX. We saw the liberal turn. Some of their Commentators . . . well, I must say no more. 🙂
      Our News choice now is OAN. And Newsmax when we can catch a YouTube. OAN we stream to the TV. I know you are the same, as Children of the Father, we can only take so much of the tripe of the world.
      Thank you, my dear Sister/Friend.

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