It’s Only the Trailer

I dare say there are Folks in my world that will attest that I have walked a few days in Faith and that GOD has given me a fair amount of wisdom.
There are others who would no doubt say I am a fanatic or perhaps old, naive, and not woke.
I’ve come to peace with the opinions of both camps. So much so that I am about to give both camps fuel for their campfires.

Covid. Masks. Vaccines. Political Insanity. Social Debauchery. 
The Movie has not yet begun but 2020 is the trailer. 

And what is the name of this movie to be released?
Here’s a hint: Revelation 13:17
The release date for general audiences is not yet known.

But the wise are purchasing extra oil and trimming their lamps. (Matthew 25)

Hey now! I’m not alone!! Masks Are an Eschatological Dry-Run for the Mark of the Beast    

Life, as we knew it in 2019, has ended.
2020 is nearly gone.
If 2021 brings changes as drastic as did 2020, are you ready?