To Stand

So far I have counted two live-streaming Media Entities (without the assistance of YouTube) that we may access and hear about the factual happenings affecting us all.
Via YouTube, there are several channels giving information contrary to CorruptStream Media . . .  for now.

As reliable as the information these entities provide to us, we must be aware.
Very aware.
Feeding on negative facts fattens the FLESH and fattening the flesh is NEVER spiritually good.
It has led to slaughter.

The Media is 24/7.
We could 24/7 feed ourselves the truth of the depths to which society has fallen but would it help us help each other STAND in this fallen world? 
You know the answer is a resounding no!

So. Do you have a plan in place to stand?
Do you want one?

Just a hint. 
If I spend more time taking in even factual event reporting than I do feeding upon Thus Says Yeshua, I am going to fall. I don’t want to fall or fail to stand for and in JESUS’ name. 

Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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