The JAB and Rule of Thumb

Just in case you want to know.

The foregoing information was derived from HERE. Please check it out for further information. 

iatrongenic reaction – defined.

Additionally, there is information floating around the WEB that the foregoing is false information. (See HERE)
Who knows?

My rule of thumb for some time now is this:
IF the secular world is saying it;
IF Hollywood is saying it;
IF Big Tech is saying it;
IF mainstream media is saying it;
IF the Washington Elite are saying itI am fully confident that GOD is NOT saying it.

It is becoming increasingly hazzardous to live in this world – my counsel, should you choose to accept it, is to seek The LORD and obey what HE tells you. 
If you have already taken the JAB, trust GOD.
If you choose to not take the JAB, trust GOD.


But we MUST look, pray and act as directed by Holy Spirit. 

Pornography is fueling Sex Trafficking.
And Pornography IS a sin that IS being practiced in Christendom. 

It has to STOP!

Please invest your time to acquire the information provided in this podcast. 

Your hosts for this Podcast are Wil and Meeke Addison.

ONLY 13% of self-identified Christian women say they NEVER watch Porn! 
Did you get that?!!

68% of church-going men view porn on a regular basis.
OVER 50% of Pastors are regularly viewing pornography! 

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Please be a vessel GOD can work in and through to war against this evil in the professing CHURCH. 

Here are some links for further education. 

Sex Slavery