Have you ever wanted to ask Christendom a question?

Me too.

Here’s mine:

How in the name of all that is holy does a rabbit, colored eggs, a basket, and a hunt for those eggs illuminate the heart of a lost soul as to the RESURRECTION from the DEAD! OF THE ONE AND ONLY GODMAN OF ETERNITY, Who alone can save our wretched, lost, hell-deserving souls?

John 14:6  (NKJV) Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.  source

Don’t get me wrong Yeshua created rabbits and eggs (and He and I like them); I don’t know about the basket. Although I am without doubt that He is the KING of humor; I see nothing in Scripture that would tell me FATHER is the least bit interested in watering down, fluffing up or that He is the originator of these distractions from the RESURRECTION of His One and Only Son FROM THE DEAD! 

And as I read this to JT he added: if you want to talk about putting all your eggs in a basket, you better put all your eggs in the basket of JESUS CHRIST as Your SAVIOR and LORD. 

We are one week from Good Friday. 

Talk To Me

I am here this morning looking for conversation.  

I read an article, well, I read two articles this morning at The Epoch Times online. The one that brought me here is

The Miracles of Faith: ‘The Martyrdom of Saint Christina’

and so I was wondering if you would read it and comment your thoughts about it. 

It is written by Eric Bess and it begins like this:

“I’m sometimes left wondering about this thing we call faith, a thing the philosopher Soren Kierkegaard celebrated as a paradox in which we, as individuals, have an absolute relationship with the Absolute, that is, God.

There is power in faith, in the doubtless belief in something without the need for physical evidence. Those who do have faith might cite spiritual evidence: a power within themselves that confirms the legitimacy of their belief, and sometimes this power cannot only save us from our own limitations but also produce miracles.

Many of the spiritual exemplars we’ve come to know and love don’t possess this type of doubtless faith. Actually, many doubt and question their faith but do so in a way that allows their faith to eventually grow and strengthen, and doubt becomes part of their paths.

One of those few who seem to have doubtless faith, however, was St. Christina.

Saint Christina

Christina lived in the third century. Her father, Urbain, a magistrate, worshiped idols that represented the tenets of a hedonistic spirituality. Urbain wanted his daughter to become a priestess of this hedonism, so he locked her in a room and ordered her to worship the idols.”

There is more but rather than copy and paste it all, please use this LINK to continue reading and if you will come back here and talk to me.
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