Squash to Cook

I am rambling this morning. Actually, I have been rambling for a few or is that several days now. Not necessarily with unpleasant things you know good things pile in too.  Okay. On with this.

Have you ever been asking the Father about something and then after it came out you realized what you said and that it was for you quite profound and needed to be asked? 
Me too.
Here’s today’s profound: 

What am I doing to stay Your Hand rather than move Your Hand in this situation? 

I’m waiting on an answer.

And yesterday I wrote a little spiel and I want an outlet. Are you game? 

Kneading bread gives time for thoughts to roll around, not just the dough. 😊

The professionals say and in this case, I believe they are correct.


Little humans learn by repetition but that’s not the most effective way they learn.
They learn what they SEE and what they FEEL. (By the way, adults learn this way too.)
They learn what they WITNESS.

That which is done to others in their presence and to themselves.


So if we want our little ones to be KIND, they must witness adults in their lives being kind to others and to them.


If we want our toddlers and preschoolers to SHARE they must witness the adults in their lives sharing. They must witness their adults practicing “what I have I gladly give to you” (if they need it and it’s healthy for them. And if it’s not, perhaps we don’t need it either.)


If we want our little ones to be neat and orderly – what must they witness? You got it. The adults in their lives practicing neatness and order.


If we want our little ones to read well – They need to witness the adults in their lives reading – a lot. And be read to even while still in the womb and thereafter; even while nursing and until —–.


If we want our children to speak well, communicate well with dignity and respect – that’s right. This is what they must witness in and from the adults in their lives.


In summary, we must consistently model desirable behavior even when we don’t know they are watching.

What our children become is LARGELY what we teach them to do/be, not by our words BUT by our being.


I do wish I had read this when I was 21.

My children would like reading more than they do today. 🥰

End of rambling. I have squash to cook. 

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