Wouldn’t it be good?

We are here tonight thinking it would be really good if the Body of Christ, the Remnant, would pray for Healthcare Workers losing their jobs because they made an informed decision about their own health care.
Could we, would we think about what we would need in their situations and pray earnestly for those things, that The LORD of Heaven will provide those very things to them?
And as we pray may it be that HOLY SPIRIT will lead those who can to reach out and help as He provides means and opportunity.

Harried and Helpless – Not!

Matthew 9:36 Complete Jewish Bible
36 When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them because they were harried and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.  source

This is an avenue under construction; let me give you what I have so far.

How does GOD see people?

Clearly here He sees people who have yet to come to Him for salvation and relationship as sheep without a shepherd; as harried and helpless. 
What is harried, anyway? 

Harried people are marked by disturbance, distress, exhaustion due to demands, criticism, harassment. 
Battered and buffeted. source

That’s well descriptive, isn’t it? 

And helpless too.

Sheep without a Shepherd.

No wonder JESUS came. 
He could not bear to see us without help and hope. 

What is it like for sheep without a shepherd?

Allow me to list what little I know and then let me invite you to seek THE SHEPHERD for what more He has to say to you. 

Sheep with no shepherd have
no protection from predators
no protection from the elements (wind, rain, heat, cold, etc.)
no help finding food or water
no healing from parasites, nose flies, and other injuries and diseases.

How does that translate to people without JESUS?

No defense against the accusations of the evil one
No shelter – no refuge from the coming storm, or eternal damnation because of sin
No Healer for all the harried-ness in this world
No Helper with the buzzing in our heads

What would you add to that list? 

Do YOU have The Shepherd?

Is Psalm 23 YOUR Psalm?

First Question

Where are you? 

When I ask this question it is most often because I don’t know where someone is; I am asking to locate them. 

Did you know that was the FIRST question GOD asked Adam? Unlike me He was not asking because He didn’t know but because Adam and Eve needed to know WHERE they were. 

Did you know GOD did not ask the first question?

Do you know who did ask the first question? 

Genesis 3.

An informative chapter. 
Perhaps you would read itHERE. 

So what was the first question and who asked it? 
Do you know? 
Do you want to know?
And if you don’t want to know, what does that say? 

Just curious. 


Not a Rock?

To the Elite.
To the Screamers, demanding more and more control over the Common Folk.

When are you going to understand Cain KILLED his brother Abel? I was going to say with a ROCK, but guess what?
That’s not likely.
Neither was it a gun. (Click HERE for an interesting opinion.)

HATE always finds a way to kill – be it with words, bitterness, legislation, mandates, knives, rocks, stones, bombs, bio-weapons (like the present v$r$s, etc), vehicles, and yes guns.

People filled with hate kill.

Moreover, we cannot legislate or mandate hate away.
ONLY GOD can enable a human to stop hating another human.
Albeit, strict adherence to LAWS already on the books would at least curtail the outward act of killing, it would still not stop the hate in the souls of humans. 

And you the Elite screaming gun control and all the other controls (and there are many) you want over the masses of people, your very lives make it abundantly clear you yourselves have rejected the very ONE Who can subdue the violence – one person at a time.
But you want no part of HIM.
You want to silence HIM and His People. 
Why is that? 

Psalm 2

Shh ~~~~

My brother loaded the following youtube to his Facebook page this morning and I am so impressed with it that I want to share it here with you all. 

For some time now I have kept close a Scripture verse that I believe this video demonstrates.  
Sadly for too many years, I did not faithfully practice this verse (and it has been costly) and even now I often mess up.
But with Holy Spirit’s help, I believe I will improve. 

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We have the GOD-GIVEN RIGHT to do RIGHT in this WRONG world,

Please know your honest questions are welcome here, via comment or email.

New to me People

It’s a quiet, cloudy day here in LA.
Football commentary is streaming from the other room and JT is waiting for the real game to come on 🙂 so I thought I’d say hello.
At this moment I don’t feel talkative — hard to believe, I know.  And it could change. 🙂

This week has slipped right by with much praying, some reading, and some video watching. 
I’ve even found some new-to-me people to watch this week as well as some long-standing favorites.
Presently we have abundant sources from which to gather information. I endeavor to spend more time listening to Biblical messages than other forms of information available at my fingertips.  I wonder how much time we have left to make these voluminous watching/listening decisions. 

Unpopular as it may be, with Scripture in view and world events popping, I and others are urging this: let us get our houses in order. 

Scripture has heretofore not been so easily understood as It is today. 
The unfolding of events foretold in Revelation is no longer a mystery. 
It’s here. The means and ways are here in place — we are waiting. 
And because we are waiting, some are sounding alarms. I am grateful for that. 
I confess for me, it is hard to watch the apathy.
It’s hard to watch what speaks of seared consciences. 

And as I sit with keyboard, viewing trees and beauty from my library window all looks right with the world; but I know nothing is right with the world.
And the wrong with the world is advancing rapidly. 

But it’s not all bad news. Really it’s not. 

But what of unrepentant sinners? 
And this is why we pray. And this is why we warn.

It’s not. 
Ask the Apostle Paul.  Click HERE.
You see ALL who have been born from above came to that rebirth on their own Damascus Road with JESUS. 
I urge you to lean in with GOD and allow your mind to revisit your Damascus Road.
See if you really are IN THE FAITH.

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We have the GOD-GIVEN RIGHT to do RIGHT in this WRONG world,

Please know your honest questions are welcome here, via comment or email.