Not a Rock?

To the Elite.
To the Screamers, demanding more and more control over the Common Folk.

When are you going to understand Cain KILLED his brother Abel? I was going to say with a ROCK, but guess what?
That’s not likely.
Neither was it a gun. (Click HERE for an interesting opinion.)

HATE always finds a way to kill – be it with words, bitterness, legislation, mandates, knives, rocks, stones, bombs, bio-weapons (like the present v$r$s, etc), vehicles, and yes guns.

People filled with hate kill.

Moreover, we cannot legislate or mandate hate away.
ONLY GOD can enable a human to stop hating another human.
Albeit, strict adherence to LAWS already on the books would at least curtail the outward act of killing, it would still not stop the hate in the souls of humans. 

And you the Elite screaming gun control and all the other controls (and there are many) you want over the masses of people, your very lives make it abundantly clear you yourselves have rejected the very ONE Who can subdue the violence – one person at a time.
But you want no part of HIM.
You want to silence HIM and His People. 
Why is that? 

Psalm 2

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