Front Burner

Greetings, y’all!

It’s been a pleasant Saturday here in L. A.
Once again there is sunshine encouraging grass and trees to reach for the sky. Birds have sat in the Bradford Pear to sing a bar or two of praise; JT and I have offered some praise too.  We have a few fewer things in the attic; a motor covering has been removed and while looking for parts we had a lovely conversation via telephone with a new friend States and States away. There’s bread rising soon to be baked and Somebody’s team kicks off in just a little while.

And as icing on the cake, I am still feeding on Psalm 34

When did you last read this Psalm penned by David? A man with feet of clay – we all have feet of clay – we all have a story to tell. We all have victories and defeats but do we all consistently practice Psalm 34

So far the first two verses are on my front burner until my serve improves.

1. I will bless the Lord at all times;
His praise shall continually be in my mouth.
My soul shall make its boast in the Lord;
The humble shall hear of it and be glad.  source

Do you see what I mean? Practice. Practice. Practice.