Good Morning, Friends and Family,

Yesterday’s post being a repost has spurred me to reminisce a bit. 

My post log here at The White Stone records that we have published 2, 957 posts (not including this one) since March of 2007.
That’s a lot of words — even for me!  

I wrote my first devotion for public consumption in 2003.
I don’t remember the month.
I do remember enjoying an especially enlightening devotional time that morning before going to the law office (paralegal, never made it to law school 🙂 ), so much so I was prompted to share it via email with I think about five (5) girlfriends/sisters of Faith.

From that morning on, on a regular basis, I wrote and emailed them. In time the email list grew. So much so it was necessary for me to divide the email addresses into groups, emailing 4 sets with each devotional writing.

Circa 2007, I discovered Blogspot. With this, the distribution of the devotionals was greatly simplified. 
It was not without cost though — change is often resisted and this venture was no exception as not all the email recipients followed to the blog. It was new. Even so, we persevered and here we are today. 

If memory serves I wrote at Blogspot from about 2007 until circa 2011 when we moved to WordPress.
Many of the logged 2,957 posts were imported from Blogspot to WordPress

And to be as transparent as memory allows me to be, 98 are copy and paste posts — so not all are first-run originals

Bottom line — it’s been 18 years of devotional writing!  I am grateful! 

A quick check confirmed Blogspot is still live. Not mine, of course, but others are still writing there. 

I do not recall the reasons that brought me to WordPress but I am grateful to be here. 
There have been changes here at WordPress as to how blogs are crafted and how they function. Some changes I have appreciated, some I have accepted. Such is life, isn’t it? 

What are the total numbers on our readership?
I don’t know. But I am grateful for each and every one of you. 

Thank you for reading and thank you for every return visit you make here. 

Over the years, we have added Pages and deleted Pages — there’s a lot to read (and videos to watch) here at The White Stone. 
In it all I hope to help, encourage, enlighten; to be a voice that Holy Spirit can work through to edify sisters and brothers, AND to plant a seed in the hearts of those seeking GOD.  

Again, thanks for reading. You are welcome here. And if you want someone to pray with you — we are here. Just let us know. 

Father GOD, may not always answer the way we want, but He will always answer better than we asked. 

Psalm 5: (1) Give ear to my words, Adonai, consider my inmost thoughts.
(2) Listen to my cry for help, my king and my God, for I pray to you.
(3) Adonai, in the morning you will hear my voice; in the morning I lay my needs before you and wait expectantly.  source

2 thoughts on “Reminiscing

  1. Your rewards will be many in the kingdom of heaven for your faithfulness to proclaim His truths. I thank you for the many times your blogs have given me hope, encouragement, reproof, affirmations, confirmations, insight, and so much more. I am sure many lives have been touched because of your faithfulness. Thank you dear sister for loving us enough to press on! We are a needy people!!

    • I love you! And yes we are needy people indeed!! How gracious is our GOD to give Himself for and to us! And just so we have comfort and all those things you mentioned He gave us each other so we would also have help from ones with skin on face until we see Him Face to face. 🥰🙏🏻

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