Month: January 2022

Cocky hypocrites —

Mark 15  As soon as it was morning, the head cohanim held a council meeting with the elders, the Torah-teachers and the whole Sanhedrin. Then they put Yeshua in chains, led him away and handed him over to Pilate.  source cohanim РPriest Torah-teachers РScribes Sanhedrin РCounsel  Friends, look at that.  These cocky hypocrites I could think

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Books and More Books

Tuesday. Are you reading? What are you reading? Scripture?  That is your most important read — nothing and I do mean nothing compares to Scripture.  It’s the only Words recorded ALIVE.  While Scripture is imperative to life everlasting and peace here; other writings are helpful and some are just flat-out wholesome pleasure.  For Tuesday as

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All Who Wait

I encourage you to read Psalm 31 today.  Mark 10 too.  I hope you will read these passages. They may be just what you need today.  And if your hearts are heavy with all the boasts you hear, if your soul cringes daily, allow verse 18 to remind you our Father is faithful and while

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