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It is not my custom to do this but today I am.

I added some reading material to Because We need to Know.
I hope you will check it out. Let me explain — for those of you who are email subscribers, only when I post to this front page do you get a notice; all additional pages here at The White Stone give no email inbox notice when I add to them. 

In case you might have overlooked it – that’s easy to do if you only read here from your phone — Desktops give a wider screen. 


LORD willing I’ll be back soon.

Just Thinking — out loud

I saw a Facebook post, now I am thinking. 
It is true negative comments from others or our own negative thoughts stick with us and it takes a whole lot of positive affirmations to erase even one engrained negative BUT
it does not have to be this way. 
Victory is possible!

No brag here. Just fact.
I don’t worry about if I am a good mom. 
For one thing, I am a mom, a grandmother, and a great-grandmother. 
I should have learned some stuff by now!

And by the Grace of GOD, I have! 

No, I am not perfect at any of those roles but because of JESUS, I am good at it. 

How does any human come to a place of confidence about anything? 

The accolades of others are not a sufficient, lasting way. Why?
When we are insecure there cannot come enough human affirmation to take us the long haul. 

There’s a reason humans are insecure. 
We innately know we are not enough.

But we don’t have to remain in that not enough mind or being!

We can acknowledge to Him and to ourselves that we are hell-deserving, depraved sinners in need of a Savior.
We can yield to THIS SAVIOR and we can receive THE MIND of CHRIST.   1 Corinthians 2:16 

The CHRIST who is accepted.
The CHRIST who is secure.
The CHRIST who is able.
The CHRIST who is all knowledge, intelligence, goodness, kindness, righteousness — HOLY PERFECTION personified.
And He will impart grace and strength to us to learn. 

And as we learn we come to know in Him we are a good mom.
A good whoever He has brought us along to be. 

But let us not kid ourselves – living consistently in the flesh will NEVER grow us into a God-pleasing mom (parent), child, sibling, spouse, writer, builder, artist, teacher, preacher, etc., etc. 

I could save this for tomorrow but I’m not. 
And I may take tomorrow off —
I’ll be 70 then —- LORD willing!