Warm, Happy Difference

For me it is more than cool, it’s cold this morning.
Cold enough that I’d just as soon stay in my flannel pj’s, curl up in the library, and cozy the day away… Or just a few minutes. ☺️

There’s so much wrong in this world it’s easy to lose grasp of what is Holy.
Just in my circle of people, the colossal trauma is biting, wounding, and mind aching.
Fatal disease, death, flesh screaming relationships wounding and lacerating souls, young and not so young, mixed and stirred together with the agendas of the Elite wicked ones.

Blessed indeed are the Saints of GOD who have finished their mission and have been awarded Home. Psalm 116:15
And yet we left behind so humanly grieve.

And then I look up and out – a Cardinal is feeding with tiny and delicate friends.
Streaks of light rays fall here and there on grass still green.
Baby Girl’s gifted spinner is gently reminding me I am loved. The Word of GOD, both printed and displayed is ours to lavish.
And The Great Commission stands.

Let us rejoice. Psalm 118:24

Ahhh — just a little ceramic heater makes such a warm, happy difference. 

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