Connecting Centuries

It’s Tuesday evening here in LA (Lower Alabama) and I think I have little to say — I just wanted to put something on the page so you would perhaps gain a smile and know that you are in my thoughts and yes my prayers. 
I am grateful for each of you.
My Daily Prayer Journal has you listed as The White Stone Blog Readers. 

I list you that way because, well, because I don’t know all your names or even the States and Countries in which you live. 
Even so, I think of you and remember you before The LORD. 

I read Acts 24 today. 
What an amazing brother in Christ we have. I don’t expect to live on the same street as he in the Father’s Eternal City but surely at some time in Eternity we will run into each other and I can thank him for his faithfulness and his love for JESUS and for penning the many letters I so enjoy in this 21st Century. 

Yes, my friends, this life we have in JESUS is just this real — When JESUS conquered sin, hell, death, and the grave — He connected His people, even 1st Century brothers, and sisters with 21st Century brothers and sisters.  That great CONNECTION is coming to fruition. Yes, a face-to-face gathering that will never end. 

So tell me — isn’t that something to look forward to?
I think so. 

100 Bible Verses about Jesus Conquering Sin And Death

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