Two Sense


How precious they are!

The chiming of a stately Emperor Clock. 
The periodic shouts from the den excitedly articulated by my Boys enthralled in a ballgame. What kind of ballgame? I have no idea. Does it matter? 🙂

And then there is the sound of silence.
It’s also a beautiful thing! 

And Sights. 

Shelves lined with books.
Pictures here and there – on my desk and across the room. 
Precious people loved more than my next breath. 
Little Girl figurines, a repurposed vase once holding flowers my memory still sees. 
Cards received from love so dear. 
A Joy stone, found on a walk.

Oh! these senses of ours – let us give GOD praise. 

Happy weekend my friends! 

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Today I saw these words: “Renew Your Mind & Believe What God Says About You”.

At first, blush that sounds like something, we can embrace and run with, right? 
I mean some have, obviously – the writing of books and speaking circuits. But is it Biblically proper? 

Have you noticed how ME centered is today’s American gospel?
It’s steps and formulas to try to get GOD to do what we want Him to do for US.
To do this or that so He will bless me, enrich me, promote me, get me to the next level and yes, give me money.
If we read Matthew 4, we would see Satan offering such things. 

JESUS came to deliver us stiff-necked, stubborn, hard-hearted sinners from SIN and HELL. 
That very gift should be enough to rid us of our propensity to seek the things of this world — and when it isn’t, we would do well to examine ourselves to see if we actually are in the faith.

Is GOD opposed to His people having riches? I don’t think so — look at Abraham. 
But He is very opposed to riches having US.
I will leave that right there and depend on Holy Spirit to speak further. 

Pulpit after pulpit serve-up stories, jokes, and out-of-context Scripture to pump up the parishioners so they will feel better about themselves, to see how wonderful, and important they are, how GOD just needs them so much  — like GOD is just about to fall off His throne in agony just waiting for them to talk to Him. 
Today’s pulpit version of JESUS is so sissified, it makes me ill!

Why are pulpits not reading the Bible?
Have you noticed how some Pulpits read the few verses they do read? 

Like they can’t wait to get through the reading and get on with more important words. 

These buildings we call churches – should be bathed and saturated with Scripture reading and prayer –  aloud. 
I mean I’d love to see 24-hour vigils of Scripture reading in sanctuaries all over this Land until repentance comes. 

Know this: the cure for this ME-centered American gospel is Scripture and prayer. 
When people are (and the phrase I am about to use is not flippant or irreverent, I’m just trying to communicate), when people are head over heels in love with JESUS because they are reading His Word and praying about what they are reading, their inferiority complexes and idols will fade away.

Am I harsh? 
Define harsh. 
Keeping my mouth shut, and letting people go on their way to a dead eternity without warning them is harsh, and not just harsh but unloving, uncaring, and flat-out evil. 

Yes, soft, humorous, fun, entertaining posts feel good going on the page — maybe next time.