A Rainy Day Read

It is a rainy day in my little corner and I have been reading.
Here’s a quote from the book that’s been resting on my lap.

“If you don’t belong to GOD, You belong to the enemy.”
Rebecca Ruth, page 98 of the book: The Un-Saved Christian.

I started this as a Facebook post  — and then decided to bring it here. 

Do you know with certainty to whom you belong?
How do you know?

Does the Bible in context give you full assurance that YOU belong to GOD?
Can you find that assurance right now in the Bible?

Can you open the pages of Scripture and turn to the passages that tell you for certain that you have been delivered from Satan’s ownership to GOD’s Kingdom?

If you cannot, I hope you are right now consumed with a holy terror that will not leave you alone.

Why?— Because that would highly indicate it is not too late for you and GOD is still willing to rescue you and re-birth you into HIS KINGDOM. 

Scripture for Seekers

Love, Kathie


I am wondering this morning. It started as I glanced over some words reporting more evil parading as good as set forth by elected officials.

We can barely keep our heads above the ocean of evil to gasp for a breath of clean living.
What do we do?
Do we talk about it?
Do we complain?
Do we rage about it?

The LORD’s Prayer as it is so named; actually is a model for us, and gave me an avenue to explore.
In the prayer, The LORD YESHUA instructed us to pray, to ask The Father to DELIVER US FROM EVIL.

My point?

As we read, as we hear, as we daily see people-sanctioned evil paraded as good, I wonder what would happen if the people of GOD, seriously and consistently, unceasingly cried out to HIM, deliver us from this ocean of evil?

Deliver us from this evil!

What would that walk out like?
How would we do with that? 
What would we expect HIM to do with such cries?

I wonder.
How would He deliver us from evil?
Would He just right now come and get us?
Can I get an amen on that?

Would it mean that He would do such a work in us individually that we would cease to marvel at the evil and instead resist it?
How would we resist it?
Protest? March? Carry signs?
I think that would not work.

What if we carried THE GOSPEL of DELIVERANCE to the ENSLAVED?
How would we do that?
Perhaps Scripture can best answer that.  James 4:7-10

I wonder.

Are you wondering too now?

I hope so.

Love, Kathie

Let’s Practice, Shall We?

Actually, it is yesterday’s (Tuesday’s) reading but I am just now reading it at 9:26 pm on Tuesday.  Ephesians 4

Verse 1 Paul (in part) says:
I . . . beg you to lead a life worthy of the calling to which you have been called.

And in Verse 2 he tells us how we can lead that worthy life. 

Are you ready for it?

Always be humble, gentle and patient, bearing with one another in love, and making every effort to preserve the unity the Spirit gives through the binding power of shalom source

Let’s list how we lead this worthy life. 

Always be
make every effort to preserve the unity of the Spirit

What sums all this up? I mean what makes it doable? 

The Binding Power of shalom — peace

Peace with GOD and the 
Peace of GOD.

How do we stay in this Peace of GOD?

Well, let’s see; that would be by having (exhibiting)

with one another.

I suppose we could say we walk it out — this humbleness, gentleness, and patience. 
It would seem if our tongues, our hands, and our feet do not show us to be (do not give evidence that we are) humble and gentle and patient — then we are not living out the Peace of GOD.
And we surely then are not keeping the Unity of The Spirit with each other because it takes the BINDING POWER of PEACE to keep the Unity of The Spirit among us. 

Pretty simple to be so vital, isn’t it? 

And there’s one more word he uses: always.
Always be. 

This could be discouraging, couldn’t it?
But let’s not let it be.
Instead, let’s just 

Practice. Practice. Practice.
Until JESUS comes to get us. 

Love, Kathie

See Fit?

I read something today and I think I cannot let it pass without talking about it to somebody.
And y’all get to be the somebody.
Aren’t you glad?

For privacy sake, I am not identifying the author but here is the statement:

 “They were seeking to worship God in a way they see fit.” 

Worship GOD in a way they see fit they say.

GOD is not seeking people to worship Him as they see fit.
No. Nope. Not at all!

True worshippers of GOD, worship Him as HE directs.

There is damnable blindness over people.

John 12:40 “He hath blinded their eyes, and hardened their heart; that they should not see with their eyes, nor understand with their heart, and be converted, and I should heal them.”  source 

These have believed the lies of the evil one that they can live in habitual sin and in this habitual sin they can offer up acceptable worship to a holy, holy, holy GOD. 

It’s a lie, People. 
And you know who is the father of lies, don’t you? Check out John 8:44

We can only worship the one and only holy, holy, holy GOD with clean hands and pure hearts. Check it out. Psalm 24: 1-6

Our hands are neither clean nor our hearts pure when we habitually practice sin. It’s not possible, People. Not possible. 

How about a list?
Even ONE of these sins, ONE time bars us from Heaven.
Check it out. 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 and Revelation 21:8

No, my friends, we cannot worship GOD, THE GOD of Creation, as we see fit. 
We will worship Him as He directs or we are not worshipping Him at all.
Albeit said worship will be received — by Satan, the god of this world. 

And who wants to worship a little g god?
Not me!

John 4:24

And with all this is there hope for any of us?
His Name is JESUS!

1 John 1:9 

John 8:11

Taking It Personally

Personalizing Scripture. 
Some folks frown upon it. I’m not one of those.
Albeit, some passages of Scripture do not lend themselves to personalizing, but Psalm 23. That one I have taken personally. 

And so this morning, I’d like to share with you my own personal personalizing of Psalm 23.

It is as follows:

You, O LORD GOD, are my Shepherd and because You are I lack nothing.
You provide for me. You provide rest and food. You nourish me. 

You make sure I have what is needed for this life in the here and now and to Come. 
You give me quiet water. Water – vital, essential water. Quiet, not rushing, not stagnant, not diseased but wholesome and quiet – just right for me.

You restore the inner me. The place where I really am. You guide me.
Oh, what a thought. YOU, GOD of the universe.  YOU guide me. 

You guide me in right paths. Not wrong turns. Not futile places. But RIGHT Places. Why?
Because You have character that You uphold. You are faithful and You prove faithful ALWAYS. 
Your very Name is at stake with how You deal with me.
By Your very own character and Name, You assure that Your dealings with me are Who You Are. 

Even in this, even when I come to death-threatening, dark, deep places You are with me. Even if I came to these places by unintentionally wandering off the path, You are still faithful to me.
And so I WILL fear no disaster in these places because YOU ARE WITH ME.
(oh help me truly WILL this.)

Your rod and staff reassure me. Your correction, Your Discipline, and Your refusal to leave me in sin reassures me that You really are MY Shepherd. 

You prepare a table for me – a table, a place of nourishment, of communion, of strengthening, of fellowship — even as demons watch, even as those who do the will of demons watch. They watch while You take care of me!
They watch as you anoint my head to remove and heal my hurts, my bumps, and bruises, my thoughts, and things that would harm me.
They watch as YOU groom, tend, and mature me. So amazing! 

Such knowledge overflows me. My cup is full – overflowingly full of YOUR goodness and faithfulness to ME. 

Because of all Your goodness and Your grace to me, I will surely live in Your House, O LORD, for years to come – forever. 


There is more. There is always more we could say about HIM and His goodness and grace and kindness – His watch care over us, His needy sheep! 


I encourage you, where appropriate, to take it PERSONALLY. 

Now, time scheduling and efficiency would tell me to save this post and schedule it for tomorrow (as I may not write again today, for tomorrow) but I’m not. 
I’m not because frankly, I just don’t want to wait. I want you to have this today! 

Love, Kathie