A Rainy Day Read

It is a rainy day in my little corner and I have been reading.
Here’s a quote from the book that’s been resting on my lap.

“If you don’t belong to GOD, You belong to the enemy.”
Rebecca Ruth, page 98 of the book: The Un-Saved Christian.

I started this as a Facebook post  — and then decided to bring it here. 

Do you know with certainty to whom you belong?
How do you know?

Does the Bible in context give you full assurance that YOU belong to GOD?
Can you find that assurance right now in the Bible?

Can you open the pages of Scripture and turn to the passages that tell you for certain that you have been delivered from Satan’s ownership to GOD’s Kingdom?

If you cannot, I hope you are right now consumed with a holy terror that will not leave you alone.

Why?— Because that would highly indicate it is not too late for you and GOD is still willing to rescue you and re-birth you into HIS KINGDOM. 

Scripture for Seekers

Love, Kathie

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