Dual Citizenship

I am not inclined to say I am proud to be an American.

Hear me out, please.

You see I can make no claim to any action that gave me American citizenship.
My parents, my grandparents, and to my knowledge even my great-grandparents were born here as well.
Living here is a privilege I daily appreciate and I do not take it lightly.

I would not be here in this Land had not The GOD of Holy Scripture ordained me to be here. And it is to Him I pledge my allegiance forever and always.
And in my allegiance to Him, I am determined to seek to bring peace, kindness, and The Message of the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST to all who will to hear the message.
I know from His Word and my own experience that The GOSPEL of JESUS CHRIST believed, embraced, and lived out is The Way to make America a great place to live.

For those who came before me and those who will come after me who have and shall embrace this same privilege and determination, I am indeed grateful and I am honored to be named among them.

Perhaps I’d be remiss if I failed to acknowledge that even the poorest American lives in luxury compared to most of the world’s peoples.
Why that is I am not here to debate.
It’s just an observation and a statement of yearning for people to count the cost and under GOD seek to learn His Riches are far more worthy of our pursuits.
And one more thought: Freedom in The Messiah is Eternal – lasting long beyond this American Sod.

So, however, you decide to spend this day, please remember if you are an American Citizen and if you have CITIZENSHIP IN HEAVEN, you are here (and will be THERE) by the Grace of Almighty GOD — don’t waste it. 

Scripture for Seekers

Love, Kathie

One thought on “Dual Citizenship

  1. The only patriot I need to be, is a patriot for the Kingdom of God. Only He deserves my utmost allegiance.
    Thank you for so eloquently stating the true truth.

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