A Fine Privilege

Would you classify yourself as an avid reader?70ea7e3860ac448144cfac9e721a03ce--reading-posters-reading-books

I have more books on my list to read than I will get read in 2 years, much less this year of 2023.

How many minutes a day do you allot for reading? Or do you not have a daily allotment dedicated to exploring books?

Do you prefer paper and ink in hand or is digital reading your preference?
Of course, I do the on-screen reading every day but I prefer a paper and ink book in my hand.

What was the best book you read last year? 
Do you read a variety of genres of books or have you pretty much found your reading niche?

I didn’t read as much in 2022 as I should have and I plan, LORD willing, to read much more this year. reading1
Do you have reading recommendations for me?  I have received 2 title suggestions so far and have both of them on order — they should arrive soon.

What’s my point with this unusual type of post for me?
Just a little conversation.  Just an effort to hear from you from the other side of this screen.

Please consider with me how highly favored we are to be able to read. There are yet people in this world who do not have this fine privilege.
And consider with me that GOD has enabled us to be well-read.
Let us not waste it.

Daniel 1: 17 To these four boys God had given knowledge and skill in every aspect of learning and wisdom; moreover, Dani’el could understand all kinds of visions and dreams.  source 

Perhaps you will read Daniel 1 and discover the place and time of these young men who were indeed well-read.

Introduce your children to reading early — preferably while they are still in the womb. reading

Love, Kathie

2 thoughts on “A Fine Privilege

  1. It is indeed a privilege to be able to have books without end at our disposal.
    We are given a great gift from God to be able to read and should not squander it. We will be held accountable one day. Start with picking up the Bible and reading it without a devotional. Just the Bible all by itself. Read an entire chapter not just a verse. The Spirit will open your heart and mind to the truth.
    Thank you for this valuable reminder.
    Can’t wait til you get your books!
    Got a list of books calling my name!!!

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