With a Capital A

GOD is love.
We hear it and hear it.

It’s about all we do hear about GOD.

And yet hearing only GOD is love, instead of drawing people to Him, I believe, has emboldened people to sin without remorse and indeed not repentance.
No, remorse and repentance are not synonymous.

The preaching of GOD is love alone has given the world a license to sin, not only a license to sin but to applaud and flaunt their sins and the sins of their peers.
There is no fear of GOD preached and most people in and out of professing Christianity are not afraid to practice sin.

I can tell you, I did not come to GOD for salvation because I heard GOD is love.
I came because I didn’t want to go to hell and I heard He would save me from it – if I turned from my sin TO HIM.
And, of course, that meant He loved me — why else would He save me, other than loving me?

What am I saying?
That we must preach the truth  — He is love but He is Angry with a capital A.
Yes, angry.
There was a sermon preached on July 8, 1741, by Johnathan Edwards.
Ever heard of it?

Allow me to offer you (in part) a modern-day opinion of this sermon written by Josh Moody:

“On this day in history, Jonathan Edwards started a sermon that he did not finish. Such was the impact of his preaching that the people listening shrieked and cried out, and the crying and weeping became so loud that Edwards was forced to discontinue the sermon. Instead, the pastors went down among the people and prayed with them in groups. Many came to a saving knowledge of Christ that day.

What can we learn from Edwards’s preaching of “Sinners in the Hands of An Angry God?”

We Should Not Be Afraid to Preach Hell

Edwards is unfairly tarnished as only a hell-fire preacher. Read Charity and Its Fruits. Read many of his other sermons that discourse upon the beauty of Christ. Preaching on hell was not unusual in 18th-century New England. What made Edwards’s sermon impactful was not that he preached on hell, but how he preached on hell. By contrast, we rarely (if ever) even mention hell from our pulpits today. Surely in the future, the church will look back on our age and recount it as the strangest fashion that we preached on God’s love without preaching God’s justice or wrath. There is little biblical balance in our preaching today.”     Josh Moody. (2018)


Now, if you want to read the preserved sermon, here are two links:



Yes, GOD is love.
Not that He loves but He Himself IS love.

Because He is love, He has no alternative but to be Angry, at all that falls short of LOVE.

Click HERE for some verses about this Wrath of GOD. 

What does that mean?
It means we must be perfect like GOD is perfect. Matthew 5:48

Are you saying, You can’t do it?
Neither can I.


Yes. Love and anger go hand in hand.

08ab3b9e01210f8ab815e1ac8329c080GOD is indeed love but do not be deceived, He is also perfectly and justly angry.

How fortunate for us that He is slow to pour out his anger and is patient and is not willing that anyone perish. 

But obviously, people do perish EVERY DAY so . . . 

We got to preach this! 

Love, Kathie