Get Up and Build


For today, I want to go back and pick up where we left off with last Thursday’s devotion (that was little g gods). And we ended that one with Deuteronomy 4: 29 But if from there you will seek (inquire for and require as necessity) the Lord your God, you will find Him if you (truly) seek Him with all your heart [and mind] and soul and life.

I Chronicles 22 also speaks of seeking God with all our hearts.

I Chronicles 22:18 Is not the Lord your God with you? And has He not given you peace on every side? For He has given the inhabitants of the land into my hand, and the land is subdued before the Lord and His people. 19. Now set your mind and heart to seek (inquire of and require as your vital necessity) the Lord your God. Arise and build the sanctuary of the Lord God, so that the ark of the covenant of the Lord and the holy vessels of God may be brought into the house built to the Name and renown of the Lord.

I have been saved; I have become a sanctuary of the Lord for a reason, and this reason: to the Name and renown of the Lord. My purpose here is to make known the Name and ‘renown’ (The quality of being widely honored and acclaimed) of the Lord. That’s it! That is my purpose on planet earth, to make Him known and if I am not doing that, I am in rebellion. It is a simple as that.

Lets examine verse 18 more closely. Is not the Lord my God with me? YES, without a doubt He is! And has He not given me peace on every side? Yes, He has. On every side wherever I turn there He is. There is no place I can go that He will not be there. Now since this is so, His command to me and to you is this: SET YOUR MIND and HEART to SEEK HIM. Can you hear Him saying, ‘get up and build; stop this tearing down that you are doing with your laziness and dissatisfaction and complaints about yourself. Get up and build up the sanctuary you already are. Get up and build; remember you are in covenant with Me! You perform your part and I will perform My Part. I won’t do your part and you can’t do Mine. I am waiting on You to seek Me so you can find Me to be your everything.’

Get Up and Build. Catchy, isn’t it?

Praise Reports and Prayer Requests

ABBA, I think this was good some days ago when it was written and it’s still good, so I pray You will minister it to Your people. And I pray we will seek You with all our hearts and minds. I have a certain IDOK on my mind tonight and that surgery she is set for in the morning. I pray that she and the surgeon will get a good and restful sleep tonight. I pray tomorrow’s surgery will be textbook perfect and her recovery will be smooth and steady and she will be able to be up and serving her family soon. Thank You for the care and protection You have given our IDOK Troops, You have been so gracious and we are grateful and we ask that each of these listed here be protected in spirit, soul and body; that they come home safe and sound at the appointed time. And I pray too for each of the others named here, sometimes, often times, I come to the names and I don’t know what to pray, I’m not You and I don’t know what is best for them or their families and so I am just praying for Your best for them, all of them; those named and those not named, those that are represented in those unspoken requests. We pray too for the peace of Israel and for America. You have been so good to this Nation. Thank You for every person in America that is real in their faith and love for You; and I pray for each of us; help us seek You with all our hearts and minds. It seems that with as many women and men and boys and girls in this country that really love You we could surely make more ‘noise’, that we could surely proclaim Your Name and Your Grace and Greatness a lot more than we do. We really do need You to stir us up, light that Holy Ghost Fire in us. Please do it Lord; we really need You to awaken us and stir our homes and lives to holiness and I pray it will be so in this home and in the homes of every IDOK. Amen and amen. A SPECIFIC UNSPOKEN. Unspoken Requests – situations so close you can only speak to Father about. Katie H. Amber Johns. Joe-Ann. McCarver Family. Vickie and Family. Brittany M and family. Dennis and Lisa J. Jack. Melanie and Jay M. Susanne M. Alice T. Elaine W and Family. Joni and Todd. Roy and Julee. Glenn R and his family. Holly. Donald 2. Ed G. Debra B. Jon E. Katie B. Brian. Donald 1. Loyce McM. DeLois. Mollie B. Marzelle. KC. Neolle T. Mary F. MH and J. Caleb and his family – Rob, Vaughn, Whitaker and Donoghue. Dora. Mattie. Jarrod. BETTY. Brenda and her family. Joshua A. Kim T and her parents. Martha McC. Tamra and Family. Rachel and family. Joe and Rose. Darlene’s Sister, Leona. Tammy B and Family. Jackie K. Brian T. Ricky M. Linda and Family. Joe. Michael H. Linda W. Debbie W. Natalie. Jacqueline and Sons (River and Jackson). Sandra. Dot B. Julia O. Ann C. Stan and Jowanna and Family Mary.. Susan D. Melissa and daughters. Jason A and his mother. Wayne B. Melinda H. Brennan and his family. Joshua. Mabel’s Aunt Lou. Heather and Brandon. Darlene and Torkel. W C and family. Maggie and Family. Katelyn (B) J Lloyd. Janet and Steve. Bay and family. Bill and Judy. Doug. Larry and Claudia and family. Callie. Ruth. Cynthia. Allyson and Glyn and family. Brittney and Kersten and family. Sheila and Andy. Carrie and Rachel and Jacob and family. Chuck. Helen and Dan and family. Jen and Larry and family. Mollie and family. Andrew and Daughters.

Shay and Emma’s Kids (orphanage in Zambia) Ministry

Every IDOK and every IDOK son and daughter and grandchild.

Every IDOK Pastor and Family. Every IDOK church.

The Peace of Israel.

Revival in America.

ABBA, I have removed the ‘posting’ for the Cleansing of America but I know the prayer is eternal with You.

IDOKs Military Families.

IDOKs Troops (foreign soil) – Ethan. Christopher. Raul. Robert. Billy. Buddy. Mark. Josh W. James. Bryan. Nick. Brant W. Christopher R. Joshua M. Brent. Justin G. Michael K. Bay N. T. Palin. Richard M. Bobby G. (added 12/16/08) Tommy T. Kyle N(3/09). Jessica D. (4/09) Sgt. Vince Barrientos (5/2009)

IDOK Troops leaving shortly for foreign soil: Brandon B.

Serving Stateside: Jonathan. Jasmine B. Shaun. Bay. Danny. Lee. George. Travis N. Hawk. Justin G. Tommy W.

Injured: Lukas S. (11/30/08)

Military at home, specifically those emotional-spirit wounds that only God and Time can heal Adam M. Captain Tran. Josh. John L. Drew.

As I post this it is 91°F and clear in Kuwait, KW (Airport) and the time 6:38 AM AST on August 24, 2009.