Got Any?

I began this as Wednesday’s Devotion but I’ve changed my mind — it’s a cry for help.  First to our JESUS and then to you.   So will you read, ponder and share with me?

I have admitted something to myself before Father and now to you.  I am attracted to Formulas.  Why? A formula is a guarantee that if I follow the steps correctly every time, every time I will get a good and right result. And do I have to tell you, I am all on that?! Good and Right results!  Oh, yeah! Bring them on.

But, I have clearly seen this morning that JESUS does not give us formulas for child-rearing, marriage, evangelizing, doing church, study/education — LIFE.  And this is why I think He does not.  At least not to me.  One, because I would find my security in the formula rather than in HIM.  I’d be putting my trust and faith in the formula, rather than Him. And, two, in a while I’d get bored with the formula, bored with doing the same thing every time and I’d try to change it. I’m not kidding, I’m just like that!  Ask my beloved.  He will surely attest that this is true! And I am smiling so big at this typing imagining him reading it — he will add his big grin to it too!

So that being said I said, ‘”Okay, LORD, I can see that.  I can see why I can’t have a formula; but can I have some tools?”  Now you tell me, is that not funny?!

But I am serious.  Really. I can see that formulas would devolve into idol worship and yet we do need procedures, tried and true procedures to apply to our ‘jobs’ of children, marriage, ministry, and LIFE.  Do we not? And for lack of better words, I am calling them Tools of the Trade.  So I am seeking Him for His Tools of the Trade.  The Trade He passed to us — Living LIFE in such a way while we are here to Advance the Gospel to every man, woman, boy, and girl on the planet.  That is our job as Christians is it not?

Hmmm … here’s a thought! Are rearing godly children; building safe, holy, happy marriages; stewarding faithful, honorable, above-reproach ministries, tools to advance the Gospel?

And if these be the tools, what then are the tried and true procedures — instructions, if you will, for best applying these tools to the job?

And are there more tools in addition to bringing up godly children, marriages, and ministries?

See.   I’ve got lots of questions … now I’m looking for answers.  Got any?

Holy Hugs, kt

Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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