Our Red Sea

I am serious about the following and if you are too, I urge you to hear the Father and let Him hear you. 

You overruled the Red Sea, the Jordan River, You even made the sun to stand still.
You do authoritative things.
You are able.
The Red Sea and the Jordan River I see before me now is the corruption of a Political Party that refuses to humble themselves before You and marginalizes and seeks to punish those who dare to live morally; particularly those who dare to obey You.
I don’t know how many but I think perhaps millions of us believe the most voluminous election fraud in our history is happening right now. It’s like a ‘miracle’ from Satan has been unleashed on the world, particularly here in America.
For a Presidential candidate with his anti-You holdings to get more votes in counties than there are registered voters in those counties is legally impossible. Yet we are told it happened.
And if I were to believe what is told to us that as many legal voters voted for the lack of morals, lack of lofty and Un-Constitutional ideals as is reported to have voted then according to Your previous dealings with mankind You would be just and perhaps at this time even obligated to come and wipe-out humanity.
If there are that many people in America who no longer believe You are GOD, no longer believe Sexuality as You Ordained it or Marriage as You have instituted it, or that Womb Babies are indeed humans, then this People have earned what You have given others like-minded.
I come to You as Abraham did.
I am asking You to spare America for the sake of those of us living here who are Yours.
But I am not asking that You withhold judgment.
I am asking that You pour out appropriate judgment and/or conviction upon every person or entity that participated in any illegal voting and those who hold dear the depravity of such a political party.
And if there was no illegal voting and America is indeed just this hellish and corrupt to elect such a candidate, so be it, Father, unto this Nation as You will. Amen and amen in JESUS name.

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