The following came in today as a comment on the Praise-Answer page which means you as the reading audience might over look it, SO I have copied and pasted it here.  Because I for sure don’t want you to miss it! Holy hugs! kt

We are coming up on 10 months since baby Ryder was born at only 23 weeks gestation. Weighing only 1 pound 2 ounces, he was hardly what I expected a baby boy to look like. I dare not describe what I saw as I looked into his tiny little face. My heart was breaking for my daughter and her husband.
My thoughts were all over the place but the obvious issue was can this pitiful little one survive, and then, if he does, what kind of health issues will he have. I will have to admit that with my daughter already having one child with severe autism, I was afraid. No, more than afraid. I used the only defence mechanism acceptable to me to avoid the pain. I just emersed myself in caring for my daughter’s other two little ones so I didn’t have to think about it, while she stayed with the baby.
Shortly after Ryder was born, my Bebe’s husband Joel, Ryder’s daddy, had to serve a tour of duty in Afghanistan. My husband, Bill and I, with the Lord’s strengthening us, spent the next 6 months trying to meet all the needs of this family in distress.
That was only part of the story. Our friends and family had immediately launched a mission of prayer support for baby Ryder and family. I, having total faith in allowing the Lord to have His way, was resting in knowing that now we had an IDOK army of prayer warriors.
Did I anticipate the wonderful outcome of all those prayers? Can’t say that I did. I expected the Lord to see us through what ever the outcome, as He has so many times. You see while I trusted Him, you prayer warriors trusted him for a miracle.
Ryder is a miracle baby. He was born in February, a lifeless little body with life potential that had to be revived. He left the hospital in July, a precious, healthy, 6 pound, adorable baby boy. He continues to grow stronger. He is small, yet doctors tell us he is doing great.
In retrospect, we can see the hand of the Lord in every aspect of the circumstances from the specialized care at the hospital to timing and placement of events. I KNOW that prayer of the Saints, and The Lord’s goodness not only got us through, but gave us a special miracle in the life of Ryder.
Thank you! Thanks to all who prayed and I especially thank you for your faith to believe and pray for our miracle outcome when we were at our weakest and desperately needed you to bombard heaven on our behalf.  Judy Harris

Oh, ABBA, to think You would allow this ministry is more than I can imagine; but You have and You heard our prayers for Ryder and he lives. Thank You. Thank You.  Ten months now — the number of wholeness  – perhaps it’s more or less significant than I imagine, I just thank You that Ryder is whole and I am asking again that Ryder’s whole life be dedicated to You; that he be protected and guided; that he apply himself to perceiving Your will for him, that he be reminded by his parents and grandparents and others that he is a ‘goodly’ child, that he has been chosen to live here on planet earth for Your Glory and that embracing Your glory for his life will be his best ‘bet’ for success and happiness here. I pray that You will place people in his life to not only speak Your Word to him but DEMONSTRATE it daily; that he will meet Your love played out around him every day.  And, ABBA, I pray that this prayer will be prayed and answered again and again not just by Ryder’s parents and grandparents but by every parent and grandparent who comes to read it and dares to position themselves to believe and see Your Glory in their babies of every age. Thank You, ABBA, in the holy and matchless name of our Savior and King JESUS CHRIST THE RIGHTEOUS. Amen and amen.

2 thoughts on “Praise

  1. Do we realize what God has commissioned us to do, pray for miracles and hold up the arms of the weary who are in the midst of battle and can’t belive at the moment. This report takes my breath away as I see our responsibility and wittness why we do it.
    This Is Truly And Purely Awesome.
    We continue to pray for Ryder and family until The Lord says it is done.

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