I Am Glad!

Psalm 104.

I am uncertain as I begin just how much I will write today because I would rather you invest your time reading it (Psalm 104) than reading anything I might write. I wrote a bit in the margins of my Bible and I prayed I would be  able to share the right portion of it with you.

I’ve been learning some things, I’ve been admitting out loud some things about me today. One of those is I live in a fear. A fear that if I don’t rush to write, rush to share, I’ll forget.  We have begun the process of changing that today.  So I finished 104 and even began 105 before coming to write. AND I am trusting that what appears on this page will be what should appear on this page. God has a perfect memory … mine does not have to be to serve Him. If that is not freeing to some of us, I don’t know what is!!

This could work for me! 🙂

And all that has nothing to do with Psalm 104.

What does have to do with Psalm 104 is that it is a brand new chapter that ABBA just added today.  Of course, I am joking! It’s just that today it is as alive as I have ever known it to be to me.  And it’s about CREATION. His Creation. Which He did! However He did it; He did it! And I am glad.

And I am glad He has command of the elements. All of them.  Clouds, wind, water — all of them. HE is in charge.  (1 – 4)

Of course, I knew that before today but I am immensely enjoying seeing it highlighted on the page of MY Bible.

5. He established the earth upon its foundations, So that it will not totter forever and ever. Will not totter! Secure. Stationed. Man cannot/will not destroy HIS CREATION.

9. You set a boundary . . . . And I stopped right there for a few minutes.  Did you know, of course you do, that our GOD is the GOD of order and boundaries? GOD is the Original Boundary Setter. The ocean can only go so far.  It has boundaries. He set boundaries in His World.  And from that I have concluded that  it  would be a very good idea for us to set boundaries in ‘our world’. Based firmly and completely upon what He tells us from His Word, we can, we must, set boundaries for our world – what we think, what we say, what we do AND what we let others say and do in our presence.

It is alright, It’s a GOD thing for us to set boundaries of conduct for ourselves, for our children, our grandchildren and, yes, even our friends and other family members.  It’s okay to say this is my limit and this is your limit in relationship with me.  As I said, though, ALL based upon what He has shown us in HIS WORD.

Okay. There’ s a whole lot more. But I’m done for today. A boundary. 🙂

LORD FATHER, You are awesome! I have no words sufficient enough to praise You; but You know my heart. And I am so glad about that. I am glad about today and what You have done today. Thank You. And I pray that as our Readers come to their screens and they read these words that they will be glad too. Glad at You. Glad about You.

As we remember our Praying for These. How precious they are. And how Good You are to allow us this privilege of praying for them. We are not privy to all their needs, all the details and even the guarded things of their hearts  – but You are. And that is so good. So, ABBA, considering all You know and all You are, we pray Your Will be done for each of them. Our IDOK Troops included.  And, ABBA, thank You for this ministry. Let the boundaries of it be YOURS, not mine.

Psalm 103: 17 – 19 But the lovingkindness of the LORD is from everlasting to everlasting on those who fear Him, and His righteousness to children’s children, To those who keep His covenant and remember His precepts to do them. The LORD has established His throne in the heavens, and His sovereignty rules over all.

Holy hugs,


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