Gals of Scripture

Some things are beginning to come together for my Gals of Scripture study. I am narrowing the WHO(s) we will study. I so covet your prayers for me as I do this.

Playing around with words I am now calling the study: Gals of Scripture because
Sinners and Saints

And because God Offers Salvation to and even delivers His message of Salvation through Gals of Scripture.

I know, I’m quirky but what can I say; I am who I am — for now.

So that being said and moving quickly to get this posted, my love to you, my IDOKs, and thank you for your specific prayers for me. The class starts September 8.  I don’t have much time and, in truth, I’ve never done this before, not like this. Yikes!! So PLEASE pray.

Revelation 2:17 — His Ministry to you,

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