Matthew 6:33 But seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.

via Matthew 6:32-34 KJ21 – (For after all these things do the – Bible Gateway.

That’s it.

That’s the first verse of the morning. It came to me early, even before opening my Bible. It came as I was already recounting something in my mind that I don’t have.  It came as a promise, but it also came as correction to me and I am grateful. Grateful for His tender watch-care over His little girl who He loves. And since I am writing this here, He is saying it to someone out there too.  🙂

All these things shall be added to you. 

What things?

Well, what does ALL include?

Peace of mind? For sure.
Food, clothing, shelter, transportation? Without a doubt.
A balanced budget? Yep! that too.
Wisdom to deal with the hard stuff? Absolutely!
A way out of that temptation? You got it!
How about real practical stuff – like that sink of dishes; that pile of laundry; that required reading; that required writing; painting that wall; picking up that pile of rubbish; decluttering that corner . . .

What else?

What does ALL include? 🙂

But for the ALL we must do the FIRST.  And HE even helps us with the FIRST!  We must only choose.

ABBA, in this moment we are choosing; and we ask for the want to to choose You again in the next moment too. Thank You, JESUS, for Your Righteousness – You have made this offer and You have paid the price for it. Thank You.
And I am remembering Richard this morning – his surgery, so serious, ABBA, it has been a long haul for him and for Jeri and I pray today’s surgery will be the remedy to restore him; I ask You for a text-book perfect surgery and recovery for him and for peace for Jeri and holy company as she waits. All our others who are sick and afflicted we bring as friends bring friends to You for healing and as a father waits for his prodigal to come home we wait for our rebellious and even oblivious Ones to return. Israel, I pray for Your Peace for them and for the subduing of all Her enemies. 
America. Please save us, ABBA. Please help us more forward by returning to You FIRST.

We have the God-given Right to do right in this wrong World,
Praying (PFT)!

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