Third Sunday in August

Roast is in the oven; beans on the stove. Summer with the GRANDS is done. Monday morning is less than 24 hours away. Beds are unmade, dust is settled on all the surfaces, friends have been ignored for 2 and half months. A Bible study class waits to be prepared, a trip is to be planned and enjoyed. A row of garments at parade rest – an ironing closing in; buckets to be ousted; curtains to be brought down and replacements to be hoisted. Miles to be walked, pounds to be shed. Patterns to be cut; fabric to be stitched, yarn to be fashioned – orange and blue. Floors to be mopped, carpet to be swept again and again and on and on  — how to take hold — it’s a matter for prayer.  

Wishing you a productive and positive week.  See you in Sunday School …

Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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