Soul Detox

Popping in today to make you an offer that I am hoping you will not refuse.

A 35 day soul detox program.  Start date is 1.21.13 at You Version.  Here’s an excerpt from the blog post announcing it.

It’s a 5-week plan called Soul Detox by Craig Groeschel, and it’s going to be a great follow-up to the Fresh Start plan as we are still in the first month of a new year. We’ll begin tomorrow (so wait to click “start this plan” until then so we’re all on the same day!) and it will take us all the way to the 24th of February. Girls, this plan is a life-changer.  via Moons, Detoxes and WHOOSH!.

So pray over it today and if you are in click HERE and start the program with me on 1.21.13 – that’s tomorrow!

For more information about this Soul Detox click above at Moons, Detoxes and WHOOSH!

It seems to me that a SOUL DEXTOX will do me good so it is likely that my post here at THE WHITE STONE will be BRIEF for the next 35 days; that will allow you and me to concentrate more on detoxing for JESUS’ glory.

So I am hoping you will faithfully stop in here at THE WHITE STONE and then join me over at SHE READS TRUTH for the next 35 days. And if you are a mind to, drop me an email or comment that you will be taking the plunge. 🙂


Ready to Detox?


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